Singing the Blues? Try Changing Your Tune.

There are times in life when I find myself for no good reason, singing the blues. You’re acquainted with those so called hits I’m talking about.

Who could ever forget this tune…Life isn’t fair. How about this one…Every time I take one step forward, I fall two steps back. Here’s a blast from the past…I gave it my best shot and still came up short. Oh…this one’s my favorite….life always has a way of pushing me down and holding me back. You name it…they all sound the same…because they’re all accompanied by that same slightly out-of-tune violin.

I feel your pain.

I feel your pain.

Luckily, I’m now familiar enough with their intros that I’m able to, most of the time, ward off their affects before their hooks draw me in.

On the other hand…it’s a little more challenging for the young, unsuspecting person who is lured by this pied piper.

For example…there’s a quite intelligent, young high school student from Mumbai, India who has been reading my blog for some time now.

I believe what keeps her engaged are my views on “The Law of Attraction.” Her excitement exudes through the comments she leaves…although yesterday, she emailed a comment which threw me a bit of a curve. It read as follows:

“Sir, do you believe in law of attraction? Since a year I was praying, craving and coveting for my exams to go good. When the moment arrived…that is today, the start wasn’t any good! I’m actually hovering at the moment. My exam didn’t go as good as I expected it to go. Why didn’t the law of attraction work? I did work hard for my exam.”

Well, this kind of question brings on a little déjà vu. Yes, it’s this kind of question my kids used to throw my way just to see if they could get the old man to crack just a little.

And crack just a little I sometimes did…but learned a lot about myself through the process. You see…you really have to go deep within when being interrogated by your teenage kids who are searching for holes in your belief system. Let me tell you, they will wear you out.

Are they gone yet?

Are they gone yet?

Well…back to the matter at hand. It’s a great question…one which offers a wonderful opportunity to explain the fundamentals as I see it.

I believe when the going gets tough is precisely the time this “Law of Attraction” is most beneficial. For it’s the process of digging deep within, pursuing answers to life’s questions which awakens its ability to deliver.

The following is what I wrote back. I’m going to refer to her as Saphala, because I don’t want to use her real name.

Saphala, yes I do very much believe in “The Law of Attraction.”

Although the joy comes from riding it…not guiding it. “The Law of Attraction” is a never ending process which sometimes takes us places we don’t expect…but you see…that’s the beauty of it.

If we knew exactly where we were going in life, we wouldn’t need “The Law of Attraction” or anything else to help show the way…nor would the journey teach us anything.

Some of my best blessings in life were the result of struggling, while continually moving forward in faith…trusting God would guide me through.

The difficult part was realizing at times…God’s way wasn’t necessarily mine…though it always took me right where I needed to be, via “The Law of Attraction”.

There are times in life when I just want to throw my hands up and announce to the world…I gave it my best shot. But, as I look back after changing my tune and getting through…I realized my best shot wasn’t truly my best. And it’s that revelation which keeps me moving forward…trusting I will receive all I need to persevere.

Saphala, I realize you are upset right now but the fact is you are a very blessed young lady. Look at what life has delivered to you thus far. Don’t ever give up…push through. Life has many hidden blessing in store for you…just beyond throwing your hands up.

By the way…it looks like life is trying to teach you something right now you really want and need to know. Do whatever it takes…and don’t back down. You are a wonderful young lady. Good Luck
Bill (Dad’s Wisdoms)

Saphala wrote back:

“Thanks much! That really helped, especially this line did ‘I realize you are upset right now but the fact is you are a very blessed young lady’ many thanks sir! Much love.”
Always remember Saphala…when life challenges you…Don’t Back Down!

Her response is why I write these blogs…especially her three words…”That Really Helped.” Thank you, Saphala…much love.

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4 Responses

  1. Emily
    Emily February 26, 2013 at 11:29 pm | | Reply

    Great article, Dad! I like the part about realizing your best shot maybe wasn’t your best…. One can always, always, always do better.

  2. Patti
    Patti February 27, 2013 at 9:36 pm | | Reply

    Like that one, Bill. Little stressed out…good words to hear. Patti

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