Stop fearing you’ll never quit smoking.

We all experience fear every day. Even the most brave and confident among us are afraid to take action at times, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. A friend of mine who is a Navy Seal once told me how they train for fear

A. They get scared.
B. They purposely expose themselves to the fear over and over again until it dissipates.


In other words…they get scared shitless…then do it anyway…period.

Fear is a basic instinct which can protect us from harm. Many also use it as a motivational tool to push themselves beyond their limits to achieve wonderful experiences they would have otherwise missed. For these folks, fear is an adventure.

Fear becomes a problem when we allow it to dominate our thoughts. It has a way of sneaking up on us as we permit self-doubt or, fear if you will, to replay over and over in our minds. With each replay, the fear becomes more ingrained than the time before. By this point, it has the potential for doing real damage of paralyzing our actions for life.

The sad truth is…as fear is allowed to fester out of control, many simply choose to ignore its appetite while it consumes the joy from their lives. Without much of a fight, they begin to accept its affects as their new reality. They become a slave to their fear.

You might ask yourself what role could fear possibly have to do with quitting smoking? Well, it might manifest itself by providing the following mindset…“I would love to quit smoking, but I just can’t. I’m telling you…I can’t…I can’t…I can’t…I can’t.”

Yes I’m saying the paralyzing fear of failure can and does keep many from even attempting to give it a shot.

Never let fear have the last word.

I’m not saying that dealing with your fears will make you fearless. What I am saying is just don’t accept them as absolute. Develop an attitude of a Navy Seal. When fear comes knocking…let it in and see it for what it is. Then simply work through it…don’t let it work through you. Never let fear or failure have the last word.

Tell me…what is it you fear most…and how do you deal with it?

Bill Peak
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