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Perspective Changes Everything.

Perspective Changes Everything.

Feel like you’re stuck in life’s rut and just can’t shake it? Maybe you need to take a breath, back up and view it from a different perspective. Consider these five suggestions to get you back on track.

Go Ahead...Make Her Day

Go Ahead…Make Her Day

The anticipation of receiving a gift is an added value you don’t want to leave out. Go ahead…make her day. Give her something to look forward to and you may have created an entire day full of excitement.

Divorce Through the Eyes of a Child

I’m not judging your individual situation. I’m just showing you what it looks like through the eyes of a child. If you’ve been through it, you know what I say is true. If you haven’t…trust me on this one.

I Found the Key to Happiness...I Made Copies

I Found the Key to Happiness…I Made Copies

I found the key to happiness while working through one of the most difficult illnesses of my life…”Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. And without its two year struggle, I can honestly say, I would have never stumbled over it.

View Through the Eyes of a Child

View Through the Eyes of a Child

View through the eyes of a child for a most simplistic moment. And thanks to my eight year old granddaughter for one that will never be forgotten. “The Ocean’s Way” The shells run into the bay but then come back in the waterway Then the sun kisses the water as it dips into the sea […]

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