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Mom and I...present

The Moments Present…is Our Memory

You wouldn’t let that magnificent, one-of-a-kind sunrise you enjoyed this morning keep you from looking toward the east at dawn tomorrow for another just as unique and wonderful, would you?…of course not! Well, why expect anything less as your life progresses to a new day?

Play Life to the Fullest

Play Life to the Fullest

Life is meant to be lived…not watching someone else do so. Playing life to the fullest, is an action sport; happiness is the byproduct. So find out what turns you on…what moves you to tears…what you would go to the edge, then jump off for.

GET IN THE GAME and Play Life to the Fullest!!



Even to this day, I can’t think about the good old days when all eight of us were living under one roof without remembering those wonderful weekends when once a year we got to catch our breath just hanging out and being with each other. It was marvelous…even though most of our conversations were about…our kids. Go figure.

"The Secret” to a new beginning

“The Secret” to a new beginning

Draw a line in the sand. As you cross over, swallow your pride and completely let go of the past. It’s time to become a control freak…a “control of your life” freak that is. Accept full responsibility for everything that happens to you from this moment on.

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